Re: Re: Schadenfreude



If it wasn’t for sky high property prices I would have emigrated to Spain twenty years ago but alas no, I couldn’t go to Spain because they decided to embark on a crazy and barmy housing boom which mean’t that I had to stay in another deranged country called England. I used to think that Britain was the most corrupt country on earth until I found out the shenanigans that go on in Spain, particularly concerning its housing market. It made me angry and see red when the British expats were bragging about the value of their properties in Spain in much the same people bragged about the value of their properties in the UK.

I couldn’t care less about house prices in Britain because I don’t want to be in Britain but it made me stark raving mad that the same people who denied me the right to own a home in Britain and by consequence denied me the right to have children and have a family of my own to then turn around and do the same thing and deny me the right to own a home of my own and have a family of my own and deny me the right to have children in another country like Spain.
i have been reading this forum with interest for some considerable time and have gained a greatdeal of useful and relevent information gained from peoples personal experiance of the spanish property market .
i thought i would just add my comments on the above rant , people buy property both in the uk and overseas for there own personal reasons some right , some wrong who knows ? but its there choice and they will have to live with the consequences of that decision .
but nobody could physically stop you from buying a property either in the uk or spain or indeed having a family !!! whilst you are pointing the finger at other people there are three fingers pointing back at you !! ….. grow a pair and take responsability for your own inadequacies …. if you dont want to be in the uk your are free to leave at anytime … but that would that actually require making a decision and living with the consequences … then there would be nobody else to blame … i guess taking personal responsability is not a strong point .