Re: Re: Schadenfreude



I would agree with most of that jakesuper apart from being confused about why a country or ‘?’ whether in the UK or Spain ‘deny you the right to have children’.

I’ve got two children and they are the biggest responsibility you could ever imagine. When you have children you’ll do whatever you can to protect them. You want the world to do right for them. It worries me that you seem to think that you have been denied it in such an angry way?

The ‘boom and bust’ mixed with corrupt bank workers has stuffed us for what may be 26 years (depends on which is quicker, selling the flat or paying off the mortgage). I’m angry and probably more so because I wish that we didn’t have to give a cheating bank 500 euros per month as i’d rather be saving that money for when my children are older.

If you want to buy a place in Spain now could be your chance. We have a 108,000 euro mortgage and others can buy a flat in our block for 20,000 euros. I know which price I would rather pay and which one is a manageable amount to have a life with as well.

Also, if I had also bought a one bedroom flat in Steatham, London, which I viewed in 1999 I would have been laughing at the gains I would have made. My bad luck/decision that I was too scared to make the purchase. A friend did buy in south London and made a 100k profit. It’s whichever road you take at the crossroads of life I guess.

The property market in Spain will never be like the UK, they are chalk and cheese. Agreed though that too many Brits were mugs and took big property gains to Spain to try to be buy to let investors just because the tv programmes said that they could. I wouldn’t say that i’m glad that they are suffering, I think that the whole corrupt system is very, very sad more than anything.