Re: Re: Sareb’s plan B.



@zenkarma: I am glad that we agree on the taxes collected. Comparing the grapgh with Hungry is not going to convince me and many others.

Spain always had high unemployment. Even during the construction boom the unemplyment was between 10-15%. No body can confirm either way as the authencity of any kind of statistics in Spain cannot be taken seriously for decsion making. In addition in my book the people who were working on temporary contract were effectively unemployed, as they could not commit themselves to anything which could provide some kind of security e.g buying a home, car etc and could be thrown on the heap at the whim of a unpleasent, arrogant & incompetant boss.

The high Spanish employment as I had posted counteless time is mainly down to high social security cost, employment laws, unions and the civil servents who are an obsticle & not to mention the nepotism, corruption. The fact that Spanish underground economy is 20% speaks volume. Here I do not mean a postman moonlighting as gardner, pool cleaner etc.

A country of 55 million cannot depend on one sector of the economy. The goods that Spain produces are of inferior quality e.g ” Asparina” is such poor quality that one has to take half dozen where as if one gets an ” Aspaina ” in Germany, France, UK, Holland, Austria one will do the job.

Further, Spain does not produce anything which other countries do not produce and at half the Spanish price.