Re: Re: Sareb’s plan B.


I remember those, they are ‘fresons’ and not strawberries. They need a mountain of sugar and squirty cream to be eaten 🙂

I thought that a lot of Spanish companies now grew out in Morocco?

A cousin works for a large agri business and they have endless inspections from the Tescos/Asda etc. people. They order an enormous amount of produce one day and then can half it the next. It’s all to bash the price down. The produce is picked early and tasteless to ripen in time to hit the shelves so therefore there is very little taste to the tomatoes etc. Very sad. Also, they are growing things so fast that the soil is being leeched of all goodness so they are using more and more chemicals. I guess that could explain why a lot of Spanish companies now grow in Morocco?

They do also pay peanuts to those who pick (usually all African, Moroccan, Ecudorian immigrants) so if they had to pay a real minimum wage I guess the price would rocket?