Re: Re: Sareb’s plan B.


@Ardun wrote:

Agricultural products they are amongst the best in this area of the world when it comes to taste but what will happen when the EU removes their money from Spain Italy and France to give it to poorer nations? The whole agricultural sector in both the eu and the us is so messed up thats its impossible to know if they can compete on a free market. In our supermarkets there has been a huge influx of oranges and other produces from moroco. Open the borders and see what happens. Spain have also boosted their competiveness by employing illegals which hardly is the case in holland for example.

I always look where produce I buy is from. I have noticed that hardly anything from Spain is in our local supermarkets now. Tomatoes etc. from Morocco, veg from Italy. Stuff from Israel too. perhaps spain is pricing out of the market? There were some of those massive forced GM crop supersized strawberries from Spain though!