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@charlie wrote:

Hi dartboy – just to say am surprised re. your comment regarding Rhodes. I live on Crete between two small beach-side villages and both are buzzing, am surprised considering we’re only just into June. Beaches and restaurants are busy, admittedly mainly with adult tourists. Perhaps Rhodes was too far for a half-term destination for families with children?
Will be interesting to see how the normally-busy Summer pans out, many restaurants/hotels must be holding their breath, but here at least it seems so far so good.

there are lots of tourists there but most hotels are now all inclusive and its killling all the restuarants,18 to 30 no longer go to falaraki and i was told by someone who was there and lives in cypres that the same is happening there and the restuarant owners from lindos and paphos have been demonstrating about it.we stayed at the new holiday village and apart from another couple of big hotels the area outside the village was prity run down