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i think if the pound was still where it was the spainish market would be in a stronger place.that said i would rather be waiting for the pound to climb as a buyer than waiting for the bottom to be reached and to see some growth as a buyer

I agree with you. Those two factors (the bottom of the market and a weak pound) are closely interlinked since the British are/were such big players in the market. I am resident in the UK with a GBP income, therefore as a GBP buyer, buying right now exposes me to a double whammy if prices in Euros go down AND, as I think is likely at current rates, the pound recovers some ground against the Euro

Either one of these risks I would happily take in my stride but it is the spectre of both that make it so frustrating. Everything I see and read tells me to wait but as I’ve said so often I’m not an investor so in the end it is a question of how much I want it. I will at least be going in to it with a degree of realism and it always makes me smile when I see ads, saying of a property for sale “great investment potential”.

I am not an investor either although i do have property in the uk that i rent out i am purely looking for a place for me and my family to enjoy and i am not even that fussy,i am a ceramic tiler by trade so i would even take on something others would shy away from because of outdated tiling.In 2 weeks with a bit of hard work i could have any place i buy looking clean and modern,all these great investment oppertunites you see might look good to the germans who have been looking and can see a discount from the peak.
i will continue to rent and enjoy spain that way just been to rhodes for kids halfterm and the place is dying,due to go to moriara in 7 weeks and whilst there will get a better idea of what is happening on the ground.