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waiting for a market to stabilize could take years. You certainly also have a long wait ahead of you…

Actually it’s not so daunting, it’s a holiday home I’m looking for so if I don’t find the right one I just keep renting, I’ll be quids in and I can always console myself by spending the money on women, fast cars and boats. Actually, scrub the women option – my wife wouldn’t allow it. 😆

Well, at least it’s only a holiday home and not a home to live in.
And at least you will have plenty of choice of rentals!
It could be years from now until things do settle down and you know you are paying the right price, so just as well you aren’t in a hurry!
I do feel for those who have been on the look out for a couple of years now and still there are no signs of the bottom of the market, that must be such a frustrating position to be in. Just as bad as a seller waiting to sell. Good luck and I hope you find your dream holiday home 🙂