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So how come all the crap properties in crap locations are the majority of the ones getting repossesed and not selling? They can’t even rent them!!!
It is the suckers who fell for the estate agents rubbish that buying in run down locations was a good idea and that they would rent or sell easily in any given market.
Obviously not as we are seeing right now in this crisis ❗
At least the prime ones can rent out, the others have no hope! So I disagree with your point completely.
Location, location, location…..

Theres a huge difference between being located in the middle of nowhere and 200-300m from the “prime” spots though.

I agree, I never said that being located 200-300m from the prime spot is a crap location, as it isn’t.
My own property is not a front liner, but is in an excellent location within walking distance to everything, so still a prime location. This is why it rents so easily and I am fully booked for this summer and part of 2012 summer! 😀