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So…..your point is??!!!!

…..that your statement of: “Coming on here and reading posts from the likes of Logan is what made my mind up to rent long term! Scavengers like Logan who are waiting to pounce on desperate sellers was something I did not want to become a part of” was hogwash.
On your own admission, your decision to continue renting out was actually because you knew you wouldn’t get your asking price.

Try and keep up.

Correct. That is normally the reason people rent out their properties in a recession 🙄
I could have reduced my asking price if I wanted to, and not made a loss, I just refused to, I probably would have sold it as it is in a prime location at a knock down price, but I didn’t want to because I didn’t want people like Logan to make a raking at my expense. I would rather hang in there myself, rent and sell in a few years time. Logans and other posters comments just helped me realise that unless you are a desperate seller, don’t sell right now! The same as if you are not in a hurry, don’t buy right now! So I still don’t get your point. I stand by all that I have said, completely. No properties will sell right now unless they are at a bargain price, but the bargain prices are different depending on where your property is based. Hence my decision to rent 🙄 Gosh you are hard work!
I think you are the one who needs to keep up, it only took you the best part of three hours to come back with that one!