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@charlie wrote:

The decision not to sell and to carry on renting out was because Jonas realised he wouldn’t get the price he wanted, purely and simply.
He could stop “scavengers like Logan who are waiting to pounce on desperate sellers” buying his property just by not reducing his wanted price, so his so-called ‘reasoning’ re. Logan is hogwash. And he accuses Logan of being a b*llshi**er ❓ ❓ :

You are 100% correct. I couldn’t have put it clearer myself. I decided not to sell as I wouldn’t get the price I wanted, purely and simple.
Why would I if I don’t have to??? It would be madness to do such a thing, when I can just rent it out and cover 90% of my mortgage and sell in 5 to 10 years time and not spend the rest of my life owing the bank!!!!???

Why should I reduce my price lower than what I paid for it??? To line the pockets of the likes of Logan, I don’t think so!!!
And hopefully any other sellers will be as astute as me and try to hang in there.

So…..your point is??!!!!