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@Chris McCarthy wrote:

You seem to indeed have some experience a decade or two back, of pitching succesfully for distressed property at such low prices, that you then evidently made a killing, selling on to some unfortunate end users at a much inflated price and fantastic profit. This obviously neither sustained or satisfied you, instead you seem very frustrated to me that somehow you can’t just repeat the trick today because no one wants your pennies. You just can’t understand that, or why the world is simply not bending to your view.

And that is indeed a valid view and experience.

Personally I love it that you can’t make the killing of old, I love it that there is no place for you and your ilk in the market at this time, and long may that continue. You see yourself as some smart, sharp, professional investor it seems, well good luck to you, but forgive me if I have a more vulture like view of you.

Couldn’t have put it better myself….

badab1ng: This is why I am so vitriolic towards Logan myself, because I see him as this exactly!