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@logan wrote:

Why do you post on here Jonas? Why are you so obsessed with what I say and snipe at every post It’s more than bizarre.
No I have no intention whatever of investing in property now. Either in Spain or elsewhere. I have a wide and global portfolio in other market sectors which keeps me busy enough.
Strange that you think someone could simply be altruistic and want to help others.
In fact you would have to be off your rocker a little to imagine this forum could influence markets one iota. Grow up man.
It so happens I use the internet for many things and receive hundreds of e mail contacts daily which I always try to reply to.
This forum is just one small part of my interest which I have to say is becoming increasingly an irritation. 🙁

I post on here for the same reason as you, to highlight the crap some people post on here on a daily basis. I have been following this site for months and I am merely replying to your comments as you are mine. You enjoy pointing out the b**sh** the agents post and I enjoy pointing out your b**sh**.
I don’t have to agree with every thing you say or like it. I have an opinion and will stick by it and am certainly going to post it if I wish as you do.
You may receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis (yeah right, more like 10 😆 ) but that does not mean your opinion is more valid than anyone elses. The only irritation I find on here is your constant negative views on EVERYTHING, someone only asked you if bars on windows are due to high crime rates in Spain and you did not even bother researching why there are bars on windows in Spain, you jumped straight in there to give out horror stories. Get a life!