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@Chris McCarthy wrote:

@Rocker wrote:

Christ, Chris, calm down.
I don’t know where you got that nonsense about the Scrubs from, but I admit it’s funny. Perhaps it’s word association with ‘lagging 20 years behind’?

I learned how to research this from Charlie, it’s quite handy, you wrote in reference to myself:

@Rocker wrote:

Monday 19th July 2010:

You’re right and he’s a perfect example of the nasty side of the business. Recently, he bragged about employing 120 people on contract, blatent nonsense.

I know the guy from the CDS and much earlier when he was running a second mortgage business on the Essex side of London and Wormwood Scrubs.

The Spanish are overwhelmed with clever conmen from Europe, but they’re casting a wide net, belatedly, and Connery might be gripping the rail along with other deserving people.

Charlie very nicely told you to get back in your box as it happens in the next post, because I had just laughed it off. Without even advising you that the number of contract staff we had was actually 150 rather than the 120 you blithely said was blatant nonesense – not that you knew anything about that, or me either.

Am still laughing now, and so it seems thankfully is Angie, because it was just too ridiculous to countenance.

Calm down…? I am happily chilled, I hope you are too, I am just pointing out why some of your posts totally lack any credibility that’s all. Some of your others are just fine. Some of mine are also moronic, the way I learned to search for past posts, was because the inimitable Charlie also took me down and to task on something I said a couple of years ago – from which I had to admit the error of my ways.

You on the other hand did not concede your error in the above regard. But don’t worry it isn’t going to eat me alive, I am just gonna eat the cake that Angie sends me when I do end up in the Scrubs!

I think I am being quite generous in saying some of your posts are fine. Surely can’t be many people you call a liar and an ex con who would give you the time of day really.

And while i am here, I think I prefer when you call me McCarthy rather than Chris, its a bit more honest.

So, now you know where I “got that nonesense about the scrubs” from.

Oh yeah guvnor… just for good measure – I have never in my life been in or anywhere near Essex.


Jesus H Christ, here we have an estate agent from Marbella, the most corrupt place in Spain, Europe and possibly the world, complaining when people tell him what a crackpot he is. He recently posted that Spanish property prices are going up!

I suppose I’m wasting my time, but I can categorically state that Spanish property prices are falling.

I can also categorically state that Spanish notaries do not check whether there is an outstanding mortgage on the property on whose sale they are officiating.

I can also categorically state that I enjoy a discussion on this forum, and if it gets heated, so much the better.

Where’s that troublemaker, Jonas?