Re: Re: Santander will “price to sell” its real estate portfolio



@logan wrote:

My motives for posting are as I have said before, to try and inform potential buyers of a different prospective to the usual one trotted out by selling agents such as Chris.

Why though???!!!
If you have no interest in investing in Spain, why bother posting on here at all??? I just don’t believe that you are some kind of samaritan trying to save the world from the spanish property market. 🙄

Does not make sense, surely you can’t be that bored that you are sitting on a forum waiting for updates on a subject you have no interest in at all. Sorry, but the reason I make the remarks I make is because I firmly believe, as many others do, that you have EVERY intention in investing in Spain again and you want the prices to drop even further. The current prices are not yet right for you, so it is in your interest for buyers not to purchase yet to drive the prices down.
You are on here talking the market down, be it valid or not, because you have a vested interest. Full stop. You can deny it all you like.