Re: Re: Santander will “price to sell” its real estate portfolio



@chris McCarthy wrote:

@logan wrote:

Personally now I would not enter this market again for years, perhaps even never again.

We know Logan, we have heard you say it as an add on 100 times or more, which makes one still wonder… why you even bother to visit this site or comment anymore, or why you can’t just focus your malignant interest, one sided negative commentaries and views toward a forum on France where you seem to be much happier living and investing.


I would love to know what ridiculous offer Logan put forward to the banks at the time! Banks do not turn away investors offers lightly, not when you are talking multiple purchases, not a few months back or now, the market has been bad for a couple of years now. The offer must have been a ridiculous one.
Have to agree with you Chris, why would someone spend so much time on a forum about Spain with no interest to invest in the country.
B***sh** is what it is.
Any one on here is either:

An estate agent waiting for the market to improve
A seller waiting to sell
A buyer/investor praying for the market to drop as low as possible so they can invest in Spain, hence the constant negative comments about Spain from all the investors.

Only the other day did one of these investors manage to completely sway someone into not purchasing in Spain with ill informed comments about Spain.
As I have said before anyone coming on here looking for genuine news on Spains property market, take it with a pinch of salt. The only one on the ground finding out stuff first hand is Mark, anyone else has a vested interest.