Re: Re: Santander reduces price of flats in Seseña to €65k


@mark wrote:

I read in the papers today that Banco Santander is now selling flats in the infamous Seseña development in Toledo from just €65,000, down from €180,000 at the peak. That’s a discount of 64pc.

Seseña is not for me (or anyone in this forum, for that matter), but I believe that one day it will be finished and occupied.

The other day I watched a Spanish TV programme of a young couple buying there now. They were delighted with what they were getting for their money. Not so delighted those who bought back in 2007 🙁

Looks like you were right Mark. according to this article prices have rebound in the Toledo new town. Prices rebounding from 65k to 78k in just 3 weeks.