Re: Re: Sales Price vs Tasacion etc


You are welcome. I’m no expert but i’ve been involved with so many friends who went on the ‘it doesn’t matter, i’m sure it’ll be ok’ and they’ve then had nightmares!

Be more than 110% here in Spain and then you’ll be happy you’ve done all you can to protect yourself.

You should be buying a 100% legal house, not a house which is less than what it really is as they are passing the buck onto you.

Enjoy your purchase but make sure that you know what you are buying. I hope that the really good deal is a really good deal in Spain, rather than a good deal compared to a house in the UK. Your hard earned money is very precious and sellers here will bite your arm off at the moment….

More of us should have warned others years ago…..if each of us can share our experiences more people can buy safely in Spain.