Re: Re: Sales Price vs Tasacion etc

Aunty Val

You should not buy this property until you are very clear on the situation with the “missing” meters.

Adding meters to both the Catastro and the Property Register is now a much more complicated process which involves a surveyor to create a “certificate of antiquity”, the local town hall to ensure that these meters aren’t something that they have a problem with and then once you have an approved certificate of antiquity you then approach the two registries, the Catastro and the Property Register.

(You may also need a topographical survey of the land to update the Catastro as I would imagine that this is out of date as well as the built meters).

Stage one (the town hall/certificate of antiquity) can take months but the second stage can take a lot longer (the Catastro can take longer than a year) so you have to make a judgement call at some stage as to what you proceed on.

If the Catastro have accepted the application to update the meters and the Property Register is updated then i would proceed but you have a lot of work to do before you get to this point.

Personally, if you leave it to the seller to sort out, I would imagine it will take longer and you may not get exactly what you want registered.

Take a long hard look at this property to see if you really want to buy it and make sure you understand the implications of buying it with your lawyer. I would not proceed unless the missing meters were added to both the Catastro and the Property Register.