Re: Re: Ryanair pulls nine aircraft from Alicante



They may be good for us as customers but they are horrible to deal with. I have seen countless times how they force small regional goverments and airports to give them huge monetary benefits. This is how they operate in Sweden.

This is how it usually starts. They say big airports are to expensive but it has more to do with them not being able to push those around. They target small airports or cities that they want to fly from with no airports. It helps if the region is poor but around other populated areas. They sign a binding agreement with the partner which lets them off scotch free if anything doesn’t go their way during the process. By drumming up popular demand in the press that it will bring so and so many jobs to the area and lobbying towards the politicians. They then force the goverment to give them lots of other benefits otherwise… refurbishing the airpot etc. Then everything works out for a while but as soon as Ryanair wants something they know everyone except them have invested to much into the whole deal. The tax money is allready invested so the goverment will throw even more on the fire. The airport has invested to much so they will go bust.

Ryanair are shrewd at doing business but I can’t see why anyone are suprised by it.