Re: Re: Ryanair pulls nine aircraft from Alicante



The EU has just begun an investigation into startup funding given to airlines, on the premise that its illegal state aid.
Ryanair’s little scam will be eliminated.

Ryanair’s future is looking far more uncertain on the aircraft buying front. They ‘raped’ (MOL exact term) Boeing on the purchase of their 737’s after 2001. Since then they have been using the aircraft for a couple of years and selling them on at a profit without doing maintenance, so screwing over A & B existing customers as they have higher costs. Now its time to buy more aircraft and Airbus and Boeing are playing very hard ball. No discounts (there is now many years waiting list).

Without free aircraft, no maintenance costs and illegal subsidies, Ryanair will have to start acting like a normal airline and I’m sure a lot of their customers will take great pleasure flying with someone else.