Re: Re: Ryanair pulls nine aircraft from Alicante



As a customer of Ryanair, Im not their biggest fan – but their prices are their salvation. From a business perspective however I can only admire them in the way they make solid profits in a very very competitive arena. The alicante episode should be applauded. I saw in a report that an Alicante official was sayiong the dispute ‘wasnt about a lot of money’ (30 cents extra per passenger). if thats the case then why dont the airport forget the money and keep Ryanair sweet?
Their tactics of ‘luring’ small airports to work with them is both valid and business-like and if they become the stronger party (there is always one stronger party) then good luck to them. The power they exert id perfectly acceptable in free-enterprise and the airports and regional tourist offices should wake up and accept this.