Re: Re: Ryanair pulls nine aircraft from Alicante



Ryanair wont make any business move, either way, unless it protects their bottom line. They are to be applauded on the fact that for instance ive just booked 2 return flights to Malaga for £83 return (thats for 2 people!). I dont know how they do it – it works out at about 1200 miles x 2 people x there and back – approx 5000 miles for £83! Admittedly no large bags/paid by prepaid mastercard etc.

Whilst I hate their arrogance and attitude, no one can deny they are masters of cost control – and thats why telling Alicante to ‘do one or else’ should be applauded. apparently they account for 40% of Alicantes traffic now? and this will half at least now! How dumb are the Spaniards on this one? They should be embracing RA especially after investing in a bigger airport. Malaga will always be a well served route and maybe EJ or others will take up the slack. either way market forces will ensure that CDS customers will be well served.

These are the facts behind the decrease in flights according to RA press release

From 11 to 2 base aircraft (down 80%).
· From 62 to 31 routes (loss of 31 routes).
· From over 600 to less than 200 weekly flights.
· From over 4M to fewer than 1.5M passengers p.a.
· The loss of over 2,500 jobs at Alicante.

Now unless we arent getting all the story here – the Spanish are being commercially suicidal! All for 30 cents per passenger!

Investors in Bulgaria, and other similar places, who bought properties based on the notion that RA exclusivly served their region are gambling. RA will, and have, ‘pull’ any underperforming route. In Bulgaria nd many other new destinations like this, they have done so and as a result the market has been decimated. However surely the market being decimated cant be blamed on RA?

Would you buy a cheap property in an ‘up-and-coming’ flyblown village that has never been served by a major carrier before, yet is suddenly served by RA?