Re: Re: Ripped off by an Estate Agent



@lindapalmara wrote:

We chose our agent last year because they had BSI (British Standards Institute) acreditation and we “Trusted the kite mark” so to speak.

This is why if any business cites any form of registration, qualification, accreditation etc etc you must really check out for yourself what it ACTUALLY means.

All BSI ISO 9000 accreditation means for an estate agency type business is that the company in question has been assessed (and met certain, mostly pen-pushing and paper-shuffling standards to improve efficiency, eliminate waste etc) in terms of Quality Assurance. It doesn’t mean that they’re legal,decent, honest and truthful. I know because in the 90’s I was working for a building contractor who was undergoing assessment for ISO 9000.
And the BSI Kitemark applies only to products (NOT services, eg estate agency) to prove they’ve (i.e. the PRODUCT) been assessed and tested in terms of quality and safety.

Take nothing at face value. Glad to see some justice done though.