Re: Re: Rent to buy with CAM



I personally think schemes like this (eg rent to buy) are just opening up a whole host of problems for you. You either rent or you buy.

A 3 bed apartment in my complex (front line) can be rented in the region of 350 Euros per month. This complex is one of the best in the resort. Advertised sales values of similar 3 bed apartments in the complex are around 200,000 Euros.

Picking a representative purchase cost of 12% then to buy one of these apartments at 200,000 Euros will cost 24,000 Euros. For that sum you could rent for 5 years!

The maths don’t make sense to buy unless you have really strong reasons to purchase. Renting is a good idea, buy why straight jacket yourself into a rent to buy scheme that I can’t believe for one moment offers any advantages over simply renting form a private landlord.