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Hi Latchy…
If you read my original posting in this thread you will see that the 3,000 euros was refundable if the mortgage was not approved or the property had debts or legal reasons etc, but the mortgage was approved by UCI, the property was legal and free of debts etc. The contract was in Spanish and accurately translated (on the same document) in English, so Marcus and his girlfriend Denise understood exactly what they were signing.

If that is true then it seems Shadow has even less common sense than I first thought[/quote]

Hello again Latchy,
We are not stupid,philco forgot to tell you the offer of a mortgage came hours after us pulling out of the deal,and waiting 6 weeks for any info about the mortgage which never came,he also forgot to tell you about the black money aspect,but their you go,2 sides to every story.

I also took the time to read other postings by you and I can only say this”you are very confrontational and stupid you offer no help and give crap advise”,how can you say buying in spain is a gamble?buying property in Spain should be easy as they are members of Europe with a GDP simular to the UK,readers search LATCHY and LOL:,get a life Latchy and bog off from forum sites that try to help people you sad bag of human organs.
I hope my reply meets your intellect level 🙂