Re: Re: Refund of Deposit


Just come across your discussions on Palmera Properties. We are in same boat and have just instructed Spanish lawyers to start chasing Palmera Properties. We are trying to extract our deposit and agency fee and have been advised that after various legal letters etc which palmera have ignored our best option is to take them to court. We have been quoted 6,000 euros plus costs (ie, court costs, expenses, other solicitor fees and so on) obviously if we win we get the costs back. Alternatively they charge 200 euros for a senior partner per hour, 125 euros for partner and 50 euros for an associate per hour. They have also advised us that by law we are all entitled to 6% interest as well. Do you know if you are going to proceed to legal action or not. We are in the process of making decision about it.

Anyone any advice as to how long this could take and likely success?