Re: Re: Recommended Websites in the Sunday Times



@forestfire wrote:

I have spent some time looking through the websites recommended in the last article in the times (november) and have been quite unimpressed.
I am talking specifically about Lighthouse, Spanish Property Discount, Vender Direct & also Direct Auctions.
The spanish property market is an anomaly and the regular spanish estate agents need shaking up, however these new agents are offering only a gimmick and not real competition.
The implication that the new agents will offer realistic prices is far from evident on their websites and while I agree with much of what Mark Stucklin has to say, I would suggest he be more cautious in endorsing these agents.

I do not usually use this forum however I must say we found one of the sites mentioned, Vender Direct to be very good and they managed to move on our CDS porperty quicker than any Agent. (that was last year though!)

The auciton companies want an upfront fee AND commission AND they then recomend a reserve ridiculously low.

We found, if you need to sell fast best thing is to be proactive in marketing and put with as many agents as possible, see who comes up trumps first!