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Hi all, I have just joined this forum as we hope to relocate to spain in march next year, we would appreciate any info + ball park figure on the cost of adding a small wetroom (shower, bidet toilet (combined) + sink) to a 1 or 2 bedroomed apartment because it is nearly impossible to find a 1 bedroom apt with an extra guest bathroom
appreciate any help
thanks in advance

We just put in a new bathroom in Madrid and the labour cost came to €1620, including ripping out old bathroom, tiling and plumbing, and a new towel radiator.

On top of this we had to add the cost of the new tiles, shower, basin, toilet, etc. which more or less doubled the price (although it’s up to you as to what you spend on these)

Be aware that adding a toilet to a flat might not be straight forward, as it would need to connect to the building’s existing soil stack. Usually you can get away with adding a separate toilet next to an existing bathroom, but you can’t just plonk them anywhere.