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Without bothering to go through old posts they were probably my step brothers duplex as I said, a friends bar & restaurant, maybe another friends traditional andalucian house with cave bedroom and probably our own flat when we were hoping to move to a cortijo. Why not post them here if it’s a private sales space?

Isn’t this Spanish Property Insight…um, about Spanish Property…..?? When we moved back to Spain I obviously got back into the community again and therefore get to hear of properties for sale. The Spanish want to sell to the Brits and the Brits want to sell to the Spanish, Belgians, Russians or whoever. Why should the Spanish get to buy beachside flats for example for 50k whilst the Brit agents advertise for 100k? Isn’t the best information from those actually here living in a Spanish community rather than a Little Britain? A shiny new flat might look nice in photos but you might get a nightmare neighbour and others who say ‘why did you buy there?’.

I’ve spoken to a few Spanish people in town today and they are interested in the flats in this block. Good, they are nice people. Would we really want people who would just nick pick about everything just like you Katy? ‘ooh, they make too much noise during their fiesta’, ‘why do they talk loudly at 11pm at night’….. Don’t come to this area, please Katy.

ps, Zapatero seems to like nearby Vera or else he wouldn’t have a house there (even if it is for sale but maybe I shouldn’t say that incase i’m accused of trying to be his agent 🙄

It is good to see that the prices are getting closer to something more reasonable.

On the other hand, there are apartments like this in Vera, which is much closer to the sea than your city:

By the time the financial crisis is over, I would expect both area to lose another 30%-40% of the house prices.

Of course people with loads of money will always want to go to Barcelona, Marbella or Altea Hills but many would also be happy to pay
£10K for an apartment in Almeria region.