Re: Re: Real Estate Facts

Aunty Val

If you want some facts, here’s a few.

Average rate of € per square meter (built) for my area (inland Malaga) over the last few years:

2007 – €1,769
2008 – €1,871
2009 – €1,278
2010 – €1,228

Yes, its a limited area and yes, its a limited number of properties (around 90 offers) but you can see just how much lower offers are compared with previous years.

The problem with the vast majority of websites is that they only show asking prices and (from my stats) I can confirm that over the last 4 years, the average offer is 10% below asking price although this stands at 15% for 2010.

The other problem with websites is that lazy agents will leave old stuff on them without changing prices, taking sold ones off and therefore they do not truly reflect what is happening on the ground.

Yes 2010 has been a better year than 2009. July and August are quiet but we are starting to see a few enquiries coming in for the autumn.