Re: Re: Real Estate Facts


Uhh Uhh – this is a hot topic – property in the U.S.

We were considering to buy a house in Florida some time ago- forget about it.
The statement with permission to live there for only 180 days a year ist absolute right.

If you look at this foreclosures – most of them are terrible, no ventilation/climatisation for month in connection with high hummidity,
you can imagen how they smell and look like from the inside – really disgusting.
They have no electricity no maintanance as the banks don´t want to pay for it and the former owner left the house.

And then immigration – it´s an absolute highlight at least for me personnaly.
These guys are absolute crazy.

I used to visit the states for more than 15 years at least once a year.
But, it might be ten years ago, they startet to get really crazy.

When I entered the U.S., I think it was in Chicago when it first happened, and showed my passport the lady starred at me, pressed a button and some flashing light went on.
I was aked not to move and was then guided by two armed immigration officers to a office where I had to stay for nearly 3 hours.
Then my passport was handed back and I was told that I´m allowed to travel on, no excuse no reason nothing even when I asked for a reason.
Happyly I found my unattended lugage near the belt – but my conecting flight to dallas of course was gone.

Since then, I think it´s now for 10 years, everytime the same procedure when I visit the states.
I always ask why they do this double check – no answer, no reason.
I asked them what I have to do to change that – I was told they never gone change that, no chance.

Then we did this preregistration via the net from home.
The result was that he last time we were there, my wife and our two kids had to follow this crazy guys as well.

It´s a beautyfull country but we avoid to go there anymore.
My family tells me the travel time is far to long: 10 hours flight + 3-4 hours immigration office 😥