Re: Re: Real Estate Facts


Hello Angie

I am very surprised of your statement. I have seen thousand of French buying in the US , mostly in Florida, where prices have gone down drastically. 50 to 60 % , None seem to have any issues with their Visa, as long as you don’t work in the US , you are allowed to live here. I have multiple friends here in Scottsdale that have been here for years (they don’t need a green card to just live here).
Just FYI, if you are willing to buy and hold on to a house for about 4 years, your investment will double.
Leasing your house is very lucrative, they lease within a couple of days.
In Florida, and Las Vegas, they are down by 60%, Banks are unloading fast, French are making a killing here.
In areas like Fort Myers Florida, one out of every 4 houses are Bank owned. Going for 40 cents to a dollar and Banks PAY for closing costs.

@angie wrote:

David, if only the US would relax it’s rules and allow Pensioners and those able to support themselves from the UK and other acceptable countries to live in the US, or, longer than the 6 months they allow. I’d like a property there but not for limited use.

I think many would then buy in the US which would help that property market, I know they’re afraid of the terrorist threat but it seems a bit over the top.