Re: Re: Random Price Moves — UP and DOWN


When we were considering buying, one of the things that put us off was not just the properties being handled by every agent in town, but also the varying prices on view for the same house. it was as if they just thought of a number. The beauty of this is that I would use the lowest price possible and use this as my benchmark for a discounted offer – the logic being that ‘ no one pays anywhere near asking price these days’.

So ultimately it seems to work against the seller (who only has one property to sell), whilst the agents just crank up their listings and play the numbers game – and eveentually make a sale somewhere.

The estate agent business in the UK gets vilified, but in my opinion, the Spanish agents generally by comparison are total bungling oportunistic amateurs. They have a lot to learn about presentation of properties online too (shocking quality pictures and descriptions). Especially for overseas buyers (who cant just jump in their car and view a property) they should really go overboard on the quality of shots taken and the descriptions.

Rightmove for the UK market shows them how it should be done. The Spanish props on RM are just an extension of the agents own websites generally. Anyway, the actions of agents went a long way to putting me off parting with our cash for a Spanish property.