Re: Re: Random Price Moves — UP and DOWN



@UBEDA wrote:

“Do people still use agents? I thought sites like fotocasa would be reducing the need for them.”

Yes Adiep they do; have you tried to buy off a web site dealing with a Spaniard?????? they are sooooooooooo proud and stubborn that they will neeeevveeer accept your realistic offer – that’s why you need a slippery agent between buyer and seller to do the deal !!!!!!

Seems strange to me. Agents are typically crooked who will try and sham you out of the real sale price that sellers will accept from my experience. There was a place I was looking at some time back, agent took me there and told me 220k. The owners asked me what price he said and they were shocked and had told him 200k. So he was trying to top up the deal by 20k for his own pocket and also charging the seller a percentage.

Of course we will all have seen the same property in different agents at vastly different prices.

Honestly, I wouldnt go near an agent, they all seem like crooks and “chancers” to me.