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Oh but katy, people are buying – the figures for 2010 are 460,000 properties sold in Spain, UP 6% on 2009…………….
these are not my figures, but government stats; you can also read the article on Mark’s news and views column… this is not to say the market is booming because we know it’s not .. but 6% is rather healthy……….. also, the SIMA fair in Madrid is enjoying record sales with punters lining up with their cheque books buying up bargains with 100% low cost mortgages………

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According to my spanish friends and relatives the figures are vastly inflated by foreclosures and inheritances. I do read the spanish news everyday so I do see the figures. I just find it strange that everyone I know who is selling (and have a wide range of properties from apartments coastal and inland to large villas ) are experiencing the same…no viewings! Plus there are friends of friends who say the same đŸ˜• I know there are a some spanish young couples taking the advantage of 100% mortgages as they have to live somewhere but that doesn’t help the hundreds of thousands of private sellers.