Re: Re: Random Price Moves — UP and DOWN


I have my apartment on fotocasa for 199k Euros, originally at 220k (I think). Back in the peak 300k would have been achievable.

It has been on fotocasa since Sept 2010 and these are the fotocasa stats

Han visto tu inmueble: 163 personas
Han visto tu teléfono: 6 personas

Those 6 individuals that have looked at my telephone number, well 2 are me, 1 was idealista, 1 was some scammer. So probably 2 people have looked at my phone number. No one has contacted me.

Now I am biased, but my apartment is one of the best in the resort and front-line, there are not many for sale and similar ones to mine can be seen at 250k. Selling my previous inferior apartment in 2009 was relatively easier and marketing it a low price achieved a result very quickly, it certainly got a few people to contact me to enquire.

Even though 2009 was considerably into the recession I don’t think people appreciated how bad it was going to be and hence were tempted to buy when they saw what they perceived to be large discounts.

Today is completely different people are well aware of the real situation. My experience with my current apartment tells me that simply no-one is buying.

I had the thought (briefly) to reduce mine to something silly say 120~150k to see if anyone contacts me, but then decided against it as it would be hassle if they contact me by phone ( I am in the UK) rather than email. Also as I have absolutely no intention of selling it less than 200k (unless the pound falls even further) I thought it would be a tad misleading.

BUT….. in dropping to a ridiculously low price and still having no enquires would really confirm that there are no buyers, so maybe this is what you have seen some one just testing to see what price people start enquiring, without any intention of selling at that price as they have no need to sell.