Re: Re: Ralita



“if you’re not English you may not understand the feelings of pensioners etc reduced to tears.”

I am not sure what you mean here. Are you saying that only English people can fell compassion?

Or you think that only English people were conned to buy these kind of “dreams”?

In either case, you are completely wrong.

“yes they were naive as I’ve said, and were lambs to the slaughter with salepeople who were often ex timeshare, 2nd hand car salesmen etc, in my book they were innocents.”

As I said it in other thread, the banks were supposed to end the “lambs to the slaughter” dreams. But banks were happy to take part to the feast.

“Why didn´t these people buy govenment backed bonds, TESSAs, and all the reliable investments provided by decent institutions.”

Peter, exactly my thoughts.