Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



@itsme wrote:

I wonder if there are differences as to what is ‘normal’ in different parts of Spain.

I’ve been in Andalucia so you can imagine that for me cash in hand, underdeclaring, corrupt Mayors, buildings without licences etc. etc.etc is 100% perfectly day to day normality!

What about though in say Barcelona, or Madrid? I think that paying a builder or plumber in Andalucia with anything other than cash would get you a bit of a kicking but in cities?

There are people who claim the black market doesn’t really happen in the north of Spain. I’m a shade dubious about that, but I’ve not lived there for any length of time so can’t dismiss the claim totally.
Certainly happens in Madrid, but not to the extent it does in London…
I’ll have to ask my contacts in Pamplona. Wonder if the people who rent out apartments overlooking the bull run in July declare their earnings? ❓