Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.


@Rocker wrote:

The only people who dream about asking a builder for a VAT bill in Spain are people who have never been, or have tried it and scarpered back home as soon as they found the country wasn’t for them.

Or gone to live in France, stuck their head in the sand and pretend that French people are more honest than their Spanish neighbours.

Or they’re people who think that the elected members of parliament in the UK would never cheat on their expenses claims.

Their book shelves must be full of fairy tales.

I’ve bust your theories, we lived there almost 15 years and did very well without resorting to black (except for the gardener). Despite being honest we still came out in profit. You are a joke with your veiled comments 😛

I assume you won’t be filling out the new Tax Form 720 Asset declaration due at the end of March :mrgreen: All assets over 50,000 including those held in other countries and offshore to be listed. Penalties 15,000€ per asset not disclosed.