Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.


‘When we looked at property via Ocean Estates, one development at back of Elviria looked good, but then we were told we would have to pay 20-25% of price in ‘B’ money to the Developers, we walked away, as it would have been an under-declaration and illegal. Both Katy and Gary said they bought properties but did not pay ‘B’ money, so why Rocker did you say you would never have been able to buy a house in Spain without having to pay an amount of black money? 🙄

Most of the ‘B’ money deals involved 20-25% of purchase price I believe, defrauding the Tax authorities on the purchase, and defrauding them again as the vendor would not have paid so much tax either.

You knew it was wrong, well illegal in fact, most people have a conscience 😯