Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



Illegal political party funding is where many politicians careers in many diverse countries lie buried. They become involved in it by creating a firewall between the minions who actually carry it out and themselves. They believe even if it’s discovered they can survive by denying it, believing the smoking gun does not exist.

The real question here is moral authority, without it any senior political figure is doomed. The bad smell will linger on.

Jacques Chriac did it for year and years until he was finally brought to book in the sunset of his life.

They do it because they believe gaining power is the only thing that matters and the favours the corrupt payments are really designed for can be denied to the donors once they reach office. Usually if that happens the donor finds a way to make matters public.

Corruption in all it’s forms undermines a society. It matters a great deal that corrupt officials are rooted out and exposed. The media play a vital role in that. Our democratic freedoms depend on it.