Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



My Facebook page is burning with all of the posts by Spaniards regarding this scandal. My question is, how can Germany, the EU, etc. have any faith in the Spanish government?

Throwing PP out of every office seems to be the only responsible thing to do. And no, advocating for the removal of criminals who have been caught is not the same as advocating for PSOE. While I am definitely more to the left politically, being American means that I trust no party to do the right thing. However, there are degrees of both good and bad, and if someone is caught with ethical or criminal problems, off with their heads, be they right or left.

My issue with PP is even when they were not being criminals, their approach to solving problems is 100% adherence to ideology, instead of doing some thoughtful analysis.

Fasten your seat belts as were in for a very bumpy ride with this one.