Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



The first stages of the denials have begun. Rajoy appeared on TV yesterday doing his best to convince the people of his innocence.

Well he had no other choice, doing nothing makes him look guilty. Politicians are consummate actors. The donors all deny paying hundreds of thousands over many years. Money must grow on trees in the PP party Madrid. 🙂 We can all now look forward to ‘maximum transparency’ from the PP. That’s code for we have covered our backs folks.

In all the historical corruption cases involving political party funding of recent years, statements of denial are always the first stage. Then as more and more evidence comes to light they claim immunity from prosecution, stay in office and retire quietly by which time the public have moved on become bored and forgotten it all. There is never a smoking gun.

Meanwhile their minions do the jail terms and usually keep their mouths shut. Luis Barcenas has promised to do the opposite but I doubt he will.

Of course Rajoy could be entirely innocent and is the victim of a vile political conspiracy to subvert his government. That is usually the principal excuse when all else fails. If is were true it would be a historical first. 🙄 We can only hope the investigation will be rigorous in getting to the truth.

It would be very strange indeed if all that black cash money floating about in the PP coffers did not find it’s way to the trousers of the party leadership.