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How about you and i meeting outside the Hacienda office in Alicante and giving ourselves up? We might as well, I can’t think of a way round this declaring foreign assets nonsense.

That’s easy just declare your world wide assets to the Hacienda and pay the tax. There is a difference between legal avoidance and breaking the laws of the country. Bribes and tax evasion are not considered crimes in Spain by most people. They are.

It’s not as simple as that. Many years ago I decided to turn Spanish, it made my life so much easier and more enjoyable, I even got to like Chorizo sausages.

I’m not going to turn my back on my Spanish life, so I leave my tax affairs to my tax accountant, a highly qualified and respectable Caballero. He has advised me on the new ‘foreign assets’ law, and I’m going to take his advice. It’s what I pay him for.

there is doing it legally and avoiding tax and as has been highlighted in the uk it is morally wrong so now we know rocker has no morals as long as he is ok and happy lets move on to all the bigger fish that do the same but hay lets just let them get away with it because its the way the spanish do it.OR we could say you signed up to be in the eu play by the rules layed down by brussels that cost the uk a fortune even thou we are not in to the same extent or get out