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Well, I did tip the waitress, she’s Portuguese anyway and from the back looks like that Kardashian woman always in the Mail.

About corruption at the top, or what other countries think of it.

Italy is about to vote for their next leader, and may well re-elect their previous one, Berlusconi. The fact that he is technically serving four years in prison for corruption does not seem to matter to the electorate.

Us Brits may well shake our heads in disbelief, but Italy and Spain are big and important countries, not to be dismissed as some backward States from medieval times.

Maybe we’re the backward ones with our fancy beliefs in justice, while at the same time paying our taxes as the serfs before us have always done.

Have to disagree with you on this one. Quite apart from the big players like Amazon and Starbucks, have we forgotten already the likes of Lord Ashcroft,_Baron_Ashcroft
He must be killing himself laughing at the bribe allegations in Spain, particularly that Rajoy, a party leader was happy to receive the (relatively) miniscule 25,000 euros a year.

In 2004 he clashed with Conservative leader Michael Howard when he offered a £2m donation on the condition that it should go to his specified candidates rather than into general Conservative Central Office funds. Ashcroft stated in 2005: “I much prefer to be involved, to make sure that my investment is wisely placed.”
In December 2005, he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.[29]
During the “Cash for Peerages” controversy, on 31 March 2006 Ashcroft was named by the Conservative Party as having loaned it £3.6m.
On 12 October 2007 he was accused by Labour MPs of being allowed to fund heavily local Conservative organisations in marginal seats of his choosing. Lord Ashcroft has insisted such funding is legitimate.

Of course the black market exists and thrives in the UK, particularly in London. But if they try it on long enough eventually Hector catches up with them.
The biggest scam is actually the BTL element who rent out to housing benefit claimants. Every tax payer in the UK is subsidising that landlord crowd to the sum of billions every year.