Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.


@logan wrote:

It’s simple. Rocker has highlighted how we all can just say no and start to make a better society. To the credit of the French that process has begun to a certain extent. Oak trees grow from small acorns.

I’m not preaching here it’s common sense. People follow examples and if we refused to pay cash and ask for a bill it’s a beginning. I don’t suggest reporting your neighbours but if they realise working ‘black’ is socially unacceptable they will conform.

If politicians know they risk being denounced for taking back handers they may think again. To change a societies culture is very difficult. There has to be some overt incentive. However if the leaders of that society do not set a good example what chance is there?

When I was in business in Spain many years ago I denounced a local Mayor for corruption and stood against him in a local election. It was a brutal fight but he lost. I didn’t win either but I made a point. However I suffered for it. 🙁 That’s doing something. We all have the power to change the world. Just do it, the suffering is worthy.

How about you and i meeting outside the Hacienda office in Alicante and giving ourselves up? We might as well, I can’t think of a way round this declaring foreign assets nonsense.