Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.


@GarySFBCN wrote:

If half the ‘industrialized countries’ were companies, most would have declared bankruptcy at one time or another.

Haha. Most are bankrupt, what do you think those massive debts they have are? And why do you think the Chinese are busily buying up those debts?

@GarySFBCN wrote:

And it is not me who wants to blame EVERYTHING on any one variable in our complex economies.

No, you don’t want to see what is so blindingly obvious and staring you in the face, you want to think there’s some other reason why Spains economy is in the toilet apart from the government and bankers who put it there.

@GarySFBCN wrote:

But if you really feel that way about Spain, why are you here?

I actually think you have comprehension problems, you read, but you don’t comprehend.

Just because I happen to believe that Spains current economic woes were inflicted upon themselves by corrupt, inept and incompetent politicians and bankers doesn’t automatically mean I dislike the people, the culture and the country itself. The two are not mutually exclusive, I would have thought that was bleedin’ obvious wouldn’t you?

Apparently not. 🙄