Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



But if everyone is suffering financially, or even perceive themselves to be when in fact they are still very wealthy compared to many others, they would have to be very strong willed to do it over in Spain.

‘Hey Mr Plumber, how much is it? It’s 200 euros. Ok, can you let me have a bill showing the IVA and i’ll give you a cheque’.

ha ha ha, he’ll probably come out with a few expletives and demand that you go with him to a cashpoint!

So yes, I agree with you that everyone SHOULD do it, but over there it’s so unheard of that it’s going to be very difficult. It’s chicken and egg, if the economy was better first then maybe it could be enforced better if people weren’t suffering so much just to get food for their children. Try telling someone who’s picked oranges all day that they have to pay tax… or those who steal scrap metal for cash. There are cases where they just aren’t going to play by the rules when the rules up until now, even now, are still so bendy!

Maybe the leaders need to be punished so that the rest of the population can slowly learn from the mistakes?