Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



What i’ve noticed from my time in Spain is that ‘corruption’ is so embedded.

Examples: The Mayors father used to be the Mayor. Before elections he sends out vans of food and drink to various areas to hand out for free to encourage voting. They seem to think that is better than complaining about 500,000 euros ‘cost’ of a basketball court on the outskirts of town which is just a patch of concrete….?!

There are lots of women receiving ‘single mother’ benefits when in fact they are living with their partners. They say ‘mi marido’ my husband, but aren’t married. They class themselves as single so therefore seem to be able to claim nearly 500 euros for about 6 months at a time.

Those working for the town hall, cleaning the streets, weeding etc. in high viz jackets. They all seemed to be female family of the PSOE guy. The Mayor is PP but I guess he keeps them all happy by letting them get the cushy 1000 euro roles. If the ‘housewives’ earn 1000 per month for say 6 months whilst their husbands are working everyone is happy… well apart from those unemployed who find it very annoying to watch 50/60 year old gossiping housewives doing very little work!

Again, an aunt…’cleaning’ at the school. She was mainly talking to everyone…. at least the uncle had the decency to lower his gaze when he was talking about how much she earnt. He knew that his nephew would have done anything to have been working to pay the mortgage.

What about all those who have fake employment at family companies. They pay their basic national insurance payments and then are able to get a pension/earn benefits. They probably haven’t done a days work.

What about the guys who set up two companies, one to gain and one to loose out so they get tax back.

Agreed with Rocker, everyone is paid in cash. They probably haven’t even heard of cheques (until you try to cash one at the bank and they want a fortune in fees for doing so!) Why do you tip though Rocker, I wouldn’t find a Spanish person doing that?!

It’s everywhere…. I have argued until i’m blue in the face that it’s not ok to build illegally a little house on rustic land because there is something called Google earth which shows the guys at the Junta that houses keep on appearing! They think that if they call it a ‘casita’ then it’s all ok…. and then it pops up on property websites for sale for 80k.

If they all see it going on daily then they are all going to think that ‘it’s ok for them then it’s ok for me’.

The solicitor told my Dad to pay half in cash for his land, declare less and pay less tax. It’s ‘the norm’….great until you want to sell and you get hammered for the difference.

Therefore, if everyone pays cash for everything….. the big players are going to do the same thing. What is causing a problem is that the country is in crisis and the boom times are over. If they all have cash they wouldn’t mind but now things are tight they are crying about politicians being corrupt. They always have been, as have bankers. All those Cajas had directors handing out mortgages and loans like confetti, each one earning them commision…..

What is going to be done about it all? Everyone can’t cry ‘foul’ as everyone has done it to a degree!